Elizabeth in Excavation Pit

Elizabeth in Alaska – Recommendation: Don’t wear shorts in archaeology.

I am an archaeological laboratory director in the North American Middle Atlantic. To be good at a job like mine, my knowledge must be varied and cover a wide range of topics concerning the material trash of the American Chesapeake.

There is too much I don’t know. There is a lot I don’t have to know as long as I can tap into the knowledge of others. I am luckily surrounded by a fantastic group of people who each play their part in adding to the bigger picture. Honestly, though, I thirst for the knowledge of most things that come across my table. Each artifact is a puzzle to the simple question, “what is it?” Sometimes that is not easy to answer. Who held it? How was it used? Was it’s original purpose altered? Who created it? Why? How does this compare….to a neighbor…to another people? These are all bigger questions.

The mission of many archaeological communities is usually similar. Promoting stewardship of cultural resources, advancing research and conservation, enhancing awareness of the past, preserving archaeological materials, and protecting the archaeological record. I strive to do all these things each day. We archaeologists are very tired when the sun goes down.

The wide world has so much in it, full of information. My interests are varied and not limited to the material culture of those who once set foot on this earth. I couldn’t cage my thoughts if I wanted. There are so many little things I never think to wonder until one day, the question is asked “who was the President during Vietnam”? Something I should know off hand. And while I did know some of the Presidents, I wasn’t expecting 20 years of Presidents. From one conversation on a car ride home, this blog was inspired.

Although I am not a historian, history is important. Not as important as now, but to know oneself is to know one’s history. Saying that history repeats itself is an over simplification of its boundless echo.

~Elizabeth S. Paynter

Archaeologist, Gamer, Skeptic, Believer, Adapter, Partner, Co-worker

(please don’t use that as my epitaph.)

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