Mortality Salience: a Quick Intro to the Dead

Do I have a morbid obsession with death? Um, I would call it a giddy fascination. Suspense and horror movies still scare me, but I love to be set lose in a cemetery. Every burial ground has its stories and forgotten secrets. You can find not only names of loving husbands, but also remnants of disease. I never thought I would say this, but one of my favorite things to do is to excavate human remains. I can think of so many reasons I find it fantastic, but one of the most exciting things about death is what it tells us about the people and communities. The dead can bring the past to life. Not only do bones speak of habits, epidemics and the type of labor one worked in life, but there is no limit to the countless ways in which death is given ceremony.

This is to be a intermittent series concerning the dead. Look for the first blog post in the series coming soon.