Archaeology Is a Process

Cemeteries, Bones and Disease

On one cemetery disinterment project I worked, sixty archaeologists and osteologists diligently exposed approximately 4,000 nineteenth and early twentieth century burials. The cemetery had already been severely impacted and would come to more… Continue reading

TED talks on Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Mythology

From December 22 to January 11. Each day, I have been watching a TED talk that touches on anthropology, archaeology, history, mythology and other things of that nature. At first I thought it… Continue reading

Blogging Archaeology: Good, Bad, Ugly

A Blogging Carnival has been put together by Doug’s Archaeology as an addition to the Society for American Archaeology 2014 Blogging Session. A question is posed and archaeology bloggers respond. What has happened is an amazing addition to… Continue reading

Trying to Save the Dead

This is my second post in the series about burials and death customs. We all like to believe we have a healthy respect for the dead. Cemeteries become politically charged when it comes… Continue reading

The Earliest Burials & What They Can Tell Us

Updated December 2013, this is the first in a series about burials and death customs. Mortality Salience Mortality salience is a psychological term used to describe awareness of one’s own eventual death. It… Continue reading

Mortality Salience: a Quick Intro to the Dead

Do I have a morbid obsession with death? Um, I would call it a giddy fascination. Suspense and horror movies still scare me, but I love to be set lose in a cemetery.… Continue reading

Two Steps Forward; One Step Back: Politics & Archaeology

Update*: The Society for Historical Archaeology has started a petition on It’s time to send congress a message. For more information continue reading. Resource Protection Furloughed When the US 2013 government shutdown… Continue reading

Imaginative Reality or Realistic Imaginings

History can be gritty, romantic, riveting, and even page turning. Artifacts are not only part of our past, but also can be mysterious. Small truths in history can lead to fantastical revelations. Large… Continue reading

Appreciating Historic Ceramics

I am learning an affinity for pottery from the 17th to early 19th century. I would be lying if I said that I have always loved ceramics (or history for that matter). The… Continue reading